Okella's Book Club First Donation

Thank You! 💖

We would like to thank everyone who made a purchase from Okella's Book Club.
Our first donation of our literacy campaign from our launch date last September 2019 to December 2019 was given to Book Harvest in Durham, North Carolina for $300
We will still continue to pursue our literacy campaign this year and beyond. So, if you wish to be a regular partner of our campaign please consider joining our monthly membership in Okella's Book Club, where you can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Get a minimum of 3 hand-picked, monthly statement accessories from necklaces, bracelets, earrings to a scarf or a bag
  • More Reward Points, Gift Incentives and Exclusive Discounts are offered to all valued members that can be used when you shop on our store
  • $5 of your membership goes to our literacy campaign
In memory of Okella, we will continue with her legacy by upholding the values she taught us and by helping the younger generations build and increase their literacy skills. Thank you!